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How having at your corporate event can make all the difference

Published Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019, 3:00 pm

Front Page » Business » How having a photo booth at your corporate event can make all the difference

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Photo Credit: Kalawin

If there’s one thing that your Instagram feed has taught you it’s this: People love taking photos to document events. Maybe it’s a social gathering or a family celebration. Whatever it is, people love to show off how much fun they are having.

That’s why having a photobooth at your corporate event can be a great idea.

For many, corporate events are stressful and hard to get through. Even if you are going with work friends, it can be hard to know who to chat with, and how professional or casual you should be. If you are planning a corporate event, you simply want to make sure that everyone in attendance is having the most fun possible.

Just as you try to create a great sense of ambiance and celebration at weddings and birthday parties, people try to do the same at corporate events. So how do Photo Booth Rental Houston help? In more ways than one!

First off, they serve as a place to create natural ice breakers. A few co-workers getting together to take a silly picture at a photobooth will immediately lighten the mood. Those inside won’t be the only ones feeling the fun either. Other workers waiting their turn will hear the laughter and chatter from within the booth and surely be encouraged to enjoy in the same way.

Photobooths help foster a warmer atmosphere, a laughing crowd, and a great aspect of the event that everyone will be talking about.

Another great aspect about photobooths at corporate events is that it will help you get the word out about your brand. Don’t hesitate to post images of your employees on your Facebook page or company website. There are few better forms of advertising than putting a smiling face on the front page of your site. Of course you’ll want to ask your employees to make sure that they are okay with you using their likeness, but chances are good they’ll be proud to be a part of the company’s public image.

The final reason why photobooths are a great addition to any corporate event is because they are both an encapsulated memory and corporate souvenir! Whenever people head to any kind of event, one thing they’ll surely be keeping an eye out for some kind of party favor or souvenir. Luckily, your photobooth will offer the perfect memento!  This can save the event planner (you) a lot as the photos provide a marketing tool, entertainment, and souvenir all in one!

It can be hard to figure out how to get employees out of “work” mode and into “play” mode for a corporate event. One of the best ways to do it is to get a photobooth set up somewhere in your corporate event. In no time, you’ll see people flocking to the booth to take a series of fun pictures. Next thing you know, loads of pictures from the event will likely start popping up on social media, only improving your company’s reach and reputation.

Lloyd Harbor, Long Island

Great early evening photo shoot with this fabulous family! My first assignment since returning home from vacation Saturday night! How ironic I get to do a photo shoot on a beach in Long Island, NY. For the most part the clouds hid the sun; wish it was out just a bit more but I’ll take the scenery we had for this shoot.

The magic mirror photo booth will be back in action this Friday night at a sweet sixteen in White Plains, NY. I have a total of 3 photo booths and they are all preparing to get very busy during the upcoming busy season! Westchester’s #1 Photo Booth Company >>>> Check them out on my web site >>>>>

Hello May!

April showers bring may flowers, so they say! As I write this post I’m currently vacationing on the beautiful island of Barbados! My excitement is definitely the warmer weather, proms, weddings and tons of other events! My magic mirror photo booth, mobi photo booth & roamer photo booth are in high demand and I’m looking forward to the busy season. Just what the doctor ordered before heading home and diving right back into photography and photo booth gigs. I’m actually looking forward to getting back into my “grind” of photo boothing. Months of may, june & july are shaping up to busy and I welcome the work with open arms. Gonna miss the sun and sandy beaches of Barbados. Gonna miss the slowed down pace of people not being in a hurry and all of the friendly greetings from almost whomever you run into. I’ll definitely be back!

Prom Season! Are you Ready?

I’ve already done two school dances this year but now its just about time for the big ones; the PROMS. I now have two photo booths and both are top of the line. The first is my “Magic Mirror Photo Booth” and second is my “Boomerang Photo Booth”. I cannot say enough about both of them. First choice is always the magic mirror, however, sometimes budget constraints get in the way. Not to worry, the Boomerang booth will suffice. You cannot go wrong with either one. Both of perfect for proms. Looking for tons of fun that will keep your juniors & seniors happy at this years prom. Look now further I’ve got you covered.