Hello May!

April showers bring may flowers, so they say! As I write this post I’m currently vacationing on the beautiful island of Barbados! My excitement is definitely the warmer weather, proms, weddings and tons of other events! My magic mirror photo booth, mobi photo booth & roamer photo booth are in high demand and I’m looking forward to the busy season. Just what the doctor ordered before heading home and diving right back into photography and photo booth gigs. I’m actually looking forward to getting back into my “grind” of photo boothing. Months of may, june & july are shaping up to busy and I welcome the work with open arms. Gonna miss the sun and sandy beaches of Barbados. Gonna miss the slowed down pace of people not being in a hurry and all of the friendly greetings from almost whomever you run into. I’ll definitely be back!

Prom Season! Are you Ready?

I’ve already done two school dances this year but now its just about time for the big ones; the PROMS. I now have two photo booths and both are top of the line. The first is my “Magic Mirror Photo Booth” and second is my “Boomerang Photo Booth”. I cannot say enough about both of them. First choice is always the magic mirror, however, sometimes budget constraints get in the way. Not to worry, the Boomerang booth will suffice. You cannot go wrong with either one. Both of perfect for proms. Looking for tons of fun that will keep your juniors & seniors happy at this years prom. Look now further http://www.NYmirrorphotobooth.com I’ve got you covered.


The weekends are my busiest time of the week in terms of photo booth rentals and/or general photography. This weekend is no different. Things get much more intense when I’m hired to do both general photography and setup one of my photo booths. Preparation the day before is so important and the key to making sure my client’s event goes off without any issues. Tomorrow night I’m doing a sweet sixteen. I was hired as the photographer and my magic mirror photo booth was also rented. You cannot beat the discount when you book both (general photography & photo booth rental) because I always put together a great “package” deal. Always better than booking them separately as your guaranteed to pay more. Back to prep day. I love being prepared and arriving early on the day of my gigs. In order to do that I have to make sure all my equipment is ready the day before. From charging my external batteries, photo booth tasks like gathering & cleaning the appropriate prop signs, hats, glasses, making sure I pack the correct camera equipment, having the correct amount of stands for my off camera flash, creating the photo booth print layouts, contacting the venue to see how early I can arrive to setup, well you get the picture. There is alot of behind the scenes work that go into my product and it all starts with preparation the day before which makes the day of the event and piece of cake!https://www.lonniewebbphotography.com/ https://www.nymirrorphotobooth.com/

“Boomerang” & “Ring Roamer” iPad photo booths!

Very excited to add two new photo booths. The Boomerang and GIF photo booth allow guests to record short moving images that are looped backwards & forwards, creating a unique branded photo experience to share to text, email and social media.

The Ring Roamer allows our attendant to actually bring the photo booth to you on the dance floor or anywhere in the venue! It’s a hand held mobile iPad photo booth that makes a great add on to your main stationery photo booth . Pictures are taken and instantly shared to your cell phone and/or social media!

2019 PBX Expo, Las Vegas

Fresh back from the 2019 PBX Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas.  Would you believe I was there for 3 days and only gambled for 25 minutes? So proud of myself, however, I was there to learn more about my business so I can make your next #event that much more special.  I’m so glad I attended this photo booth career uplifting event.  The seminars were very informative, the presenters were very knowledgeable and I’m ready to have a breakout 2019!   I’m happy to announce that I’ve added a new “boomerang” photo booth.  It’s a phenomenal addition to my already jaw dropping  #magic mirror photo booth and will no doubt bring added excitement to my photo booth clients at their events. The #boomerang photo booth is great for #weddings #barmitzvahs #batmitzvahs #sweetsixteens #quinceaneras #corporateparties #corporateevents, etc.  I will be displaying photos, videos and talking about it more in the very near future so please stay tuned.Solid White Inside Circle