The weekends are my busiest time of the week in terms of photo booth rentals and/or general photography. This weekend is no different. Things get much more intense when I’m hired to do both general photography and setup one of my photo booths. Preparation the day before is so important and the key to making sure my client’s event goes off without any issues. Tomorrow night I’m doing a sweet sixteen. I was hired as the photographer and my magic mirror photo booth was also rented. You cannot beat the discount when you book both (general photography & photo booth rental) because I always put together a great “package” deal. Always better than booking them separately as your guaranteed to pay more. Back to prep day. I love being prepared and arriving early on the day of my gigs. In order to do that I have to make sure all my equipment is ready the day before. From charging my external batteries, photo booth tasks like gathering & cleaning the appropriate prop signs, hats, glasses, making sure I pack the correct camera equipment, having the correct amount of stands for my off camera flash, creating the photo booth print layouts, contacting the venue to see how early I can arrive to setup, well you get the picture. There is alot of behind the scenes work that go into my product and it all starts with preparation the day before which makes the day of the event and piece of cake!

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