Denise & David (Wedding) 9/8/18

LWP31I love it when guests take full advantage of the custom magic mirror photo booth props!  The three gentlemen in the photo was no exception.  The wedding reception of Denise and David was held at the Picnic House in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.  My travel to the venue was smooth sailing until I arrived at one of the many entrances to the park.  With so many other activities going on throughout the park it was not long before I realized It was going to be small challenge to reach the Picnic House.  I needed all the direction I could get before reaching the picturesque venue.  Thank God I always leave myself a cushion of time to setup the photo booth equipment.  It was not long before the guests began to arrive; as my Magic Mirror Photo Booth was up and ready to go!  What a perfect location.  The booth was setup directly next to the D.J. on a raised 1ft. platform stage.  It really appeared that the booth was on display (not that it needed to be) as the guests wasted no time  taking photos at the magic mirror photo booth during cocktail hour!  The bride & groom managed to make it to the booth several times during the evening at yet another beautiful wedding reception celebration!

Click here for “Magic Mirror Photo Booth” Information

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