I haven’t shot a wedding lately so I thought I would  highlight one of my past favorites.  Definitely one of my favorite wedding families!  Shot this wedding out on Staten Island.  I remember complaining about the rain until we arrived at the church.  Because of the rain the drivers made numerous trips to and from each limo with an umbrella to escort the entire wedding party, one at a time, to the church lobby!  Boy was I lucky.  It gave me a chance to get some great shots as the wedding party & limo driver walked directly towards me. I know its the brides day but her daughters, big sis in the red dress and little sis in her arms, stole this portion of the photos!

Jack and Jill of America, Queens Chapter

Welcome to my Blog!  I’m so excited about finally getting it started.   It is my hope to share some of my experiences as a professional photographer with you.  I will try to be as consistent as possible with updating my blog as I move forward.
What an honor it was to photograph the “Jack and Jill of America” Queens Chapter yesterday at the Uni Sphere in Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, New York.  This is one of the many photos I took.  When I first arrived at the park the water behind the Jack and Jill moms was not on.  I want to think that the park staff saw my photo shoot underway and decided to turn it on (hey it was my shoot, so let me think that).  It was actually a somewhat hot day in Queens with tons of sunshine.  It was very important to include the uni sphere globe as a background in the photos so when the water began to spray up everyone became excited!  With the positioning of the sun, it posed somewhat of a small problem.  The sun was behind me but shining directly into the faces of  the children and parents of Jack & Jill.   Squinting because of the sun was an issue especially with the children; but we were able to navigate our way through and get the photos done.
Thank you Ca Melia Ta’ylor, President of the Jack and Jill, Queens Chapter for having me photograph your group